Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Supporting Artist can be any shape, size, age, ethnic origin, able bodied or disabled. The main requirement is professionalism and punctuality. Having these attributes and building a reputation for reliability can lead to regular work in the industry. You do not need experience but if you’re trained actor or have other skills like horse riding, fencing, dancing or driving skills these may expand your chances of greater work.

Bookings may be at very short notice so availability and flexibility are vital. Supporting Artists must be able to take direction and exercise a high level of patience as you may be required to wait for longer periods. Your role is just as important to spice up a real time character – so enjoy it!

Your role

Is a ‘background artists’ – to support the principal actors, by adding realism to the scene. The Assistant Director (AD) is responsible to give direction e.g walk down the street while the actors perform their role or simply, stand nearby a designated place. All artists are required to follow his instruction accurately and promptly.

Flexibility and reliability

Flexibility and reliability are the core prerequisites of all artists. You are responsible for your own time management and must ensure you arrive at the location of filming promptly. You will need to sign in for accountability and out for payment purposes, so please make sure you know where this is.

Artists need to be prepared for a long day’s work in all kinds of weather! You may be required to work overtime at short notice depending on how the day’s filming is scheduled so you need to be flexible regarding the length of your working day.

Be prepared to travel, as filming may take place away from the studio’s location which may require you to fund your own travel costs. Legitimate travel costs are tax deductible so be sure to retain receipts to claim them on your annual self-assessment income tax forms. It is therefore important to register as Self-Employed with HM Revenue & Customs which does not reflect on the Agency’s joining fee of £60.00 and Agency Commission of 20%. Any cancellation of a booking or casting not due to illness will result in a £35 charge.

When you are contracted for an assignment, you will be briefed as to wardrobe and make-up requirements. Very often, your clothing is required or alternatively the production company provide their own for filming that must be returned by the end of filming day. Either case, they could be casual, business, formal to evening wear.

Please allow plenty of time to travel to the film set as you will need the extra time for wardrobe checks. It is also advisable to equip yourself with good book or a selection of magazines to keep you occupy during long periods of idleness during the day.

On-set Etiquette

Your behaviour on the set reflects on us all! Lack of professionalism will diminish your chances of future work and put the good name of Doveteam at risk. Do not approach the actors at any stage unless they speak to you first. Whilst some actors enjoy the break and are happy to relax by chatting to those around, others prefer to learn their lines or rest. You should never ask for autographs and never take photographs. Turn off your mobile phone completely during filming as even on ‘silent’, may be picked up by sensitive recording equipment. Simply – check your messages during breaks Catering facilities varies, e.g conventional canteens, outside catering bus or vending machines so always take money with you to purchase your requirements or take your pack lunch with you. Any breach of etiquette, which reflects badly on Doveteam, may result in you being de-listed by the agency.

Vicky Edwards